Client-sided Membership Hack

This tutorial is an advanced one, so I’m posting a detailed explanation. Note that the same thing can be achieved easily by using a Cloud Penguin add-in, so if you are able to run it, I’d suggest doing that instead.

1.Target your browser (or plugin process).
2.Start logging packets, join another room and stop logging.
3.Find a received packet with your penguin name that starts with “%xt%ap%”.
4.Right-click it and select “Send”.
5.Find the part of the packet which contains information about your member status.
An example packet can look like this:
There should be 3 ‘|’ characters in a row at the end of the packet (there will be something more after that if you’re walking a puffle).
The number we’re interested in is the third one to the left from the “|||” part.
It’s 0 for non-members. We’re going to modify it to 1.
The part of the packet you want to select starts on the ‘|’ before that and ends on the “|||”, so in my example it’s “|0|42|0|||”.
6.Find the hex code of that part and copy it.
Each character is located on the same position as in the decoded text.
7.Close the “Send a Packet” window and double-click a filter on the list.
8.Change mode to “Advance” and select “from the position of the chain found”.
9.Paste the copied hex on the beginning of the “SEARCH” field and on the 000 position of the “MODIFY” field.
10.In the “MODIFY” field, change the first 30 (code of ‘0’ character) to 31 (code of ‘1’ character).
11.Change the “nbr time to apply” to 100. If you leave it as 1 it might not work in igloos.
12.Click the “Apply” button.
13.Tick the filter and press the enable (ON) button.
14.Join another room.
15.You should have client-sided membership now!


Card-Jitsu Snow Stamps Hack

I’ve found a way to add CJ Snow stamps without getting banned.

1.Go to Club Penguin
2.Open WPE PRO and target your browser:
-Google Chrome: chrome.exe (the first process)
-Opera: opera.exe (the last one)
-Mozilla Firefox: plugin.container.exe
3.Start logging packets, move your penguin somewhere and stop logging.
4.Right click a packet that popped up and select “Set Send List with this socket id”
5.Go to Card-Jitsu Snow start screen
6.Open CJ Snow.spt in WPE PRO and select stamps you want to add
7.Click play button and set the number of stamps you’ll add. Set timer to 100 ms. Don’t send packets yet
8.Disable Internet connection and send packets
9.Enable Internet connection
10.Reload Club Penguin. The stamps should be added to your account

CJ Snow.spt

Halloween Furniture Hack

The Halloween Party Pack is available only for some of penguins. I made a new send list so that everyone can get the furniture. You can get how many of it you want.

The file includes:

  • Mini Pumpkin Lanterns
  • Happy Lantern Light
  • Spooky Jack-O-Lantern
  • The Count’s Chair
  • Web Rug

Halloween Furniture.spt

Summer Jam items hack for non-members

Some member items from Summer Jam can be added by non-members, so I’ve made a new send list.

The items you can get:
-Brady’s Beach Outfit
-Brady’s Sneakers
-Brady’s Surfboard
-McKenzie’s Beach Outfit
-McKenzie’s Beach Shoes
-McKenzie’s Surfboard

Summer Jam Items.spt

Puffle Digging Hack

I’ve made a new send list for Puffle Digging.
To use it – walk your puffle and send packets “Continuously” with timer set to anything you want (I’d recommend setting it to 500 ms so your puffle digs something every 0.5 second).
The number of digs per day is limited (about 1000-2000).
If it stops working for you – try another day.


Stamps Hack

I’ve made those stamps send lists:

  • Party stamps
  • Activities stamps
  • Game stamps

Be careful when you’re using this!
In many cases you need to be in the right room (or game) to get the stamp and don’t get banned. For example when you want to add the “Coffee Server” stamp, you must be in the Coffee Shop. For “Snapshot” stamp go to Ski Hill and for “Dance Party” you need to be in the Night Club. Party stamps can be added anywhere.
Trying to add too many stamps at once can ban you too.


Member Furniture Hack

It’s finally there! I’ve finished the Send Lists for Furniture already.
Each file contains 200 furniture items (the sixth has 138).

To make specific items easier to find here’s the list:
1 – IDs from 1 to 292
2 – IDs from 293 to 574
3 – IDs from 575 to 784
4 – IDs from 785 to 1014
5 – IDs from 1015 to 2035
6 – IDs from 2036 to 2188


Igloo Hack

This will add you igloos, which you can’t get normally on CP.
To do it you’ll need to be a member.
Use as a normal Send List with Igloos.spt.
Select an igloo to add and send packet.

Igloos.spt –

List of Igloos:

  • Candy Igloo
  • Deluxe Blue Igloo
  • Big Candy Igloo
  • Secret Stone Igloo
  • Snow Igloo
  • Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo
  • Deluxe Snow Igloo
  • Bamboo Hut
  • Log Cabin
  • Gym
  • Split Level Igloo
  • Candy Split Level Igloo
  • Snowglobe
  • Ice Castle
  • Split Level Snow Igl
  • Fish Bowl
  • Tent
  • Jack O’ Lantern
  • Backyard Igloo
  • Pink Ice Palace
  • Ship Igloo
  • Dojo Igloo
  • Gingerbread House
  • Restaurant Igloo
  • Tree House Igloo
  • Theatre Igloo
  • Circus Tent
  • Snowy Backyard Igloo
  • Cave Igloo
  • Green Clover Igloo
  • Grey Ice Castle
  • Cozy Cottage Igloo
  • Estate Igloo
  • In Half Igloo
  • Shadowy Keep
  • Dragon’s Lair
  • Mermaid Cove
  • Whale’s Mouth
  • Trick-or-Treat Igloo
  • Deluxe Gingerbread House
  • Shipwreck Igloo
  • Wildlife Den
  • Medieval Manor
  • Warehouse
  • Creepy Cavern
  • Frost Bite Palace
  • Fresh Baked Gingerbread House
  • Penthouse
  • Secret Base
  • Death Star Igloo
  • Beach Party Igloo
  • Gymnasium Igloo
  • Magical Hideout Igloo
  • Eerie Castle
  • Train Station Igloo
  • Sweet Swirl Igloo

Igloo Music Hack

This allows you to change music in your igloo, whether you’re a member or not.

List of Music:

Non-Member way
Target browser (or plugin), start logging packets and edit your igloo
(it’s best if you don’t leave anything in the igloo).
Stop logging and look for packet starting like that: “%xt%s%g#uic%”.
If you can’t find it, try searching for it (magnifying glass icon) – paste the code and make sure it’s set to “Ascii” instead of “Hex”. Click find next. You should find it now.
Right click the packet and click “Send”. The last number between % signs will be the music ID, if it’s not set it will be 0. Change it to ID you want (increase packet size if needed). Then send packet. You should hear the music after going somewhere else and back to your igloo.

Member way
Target browser (or plugin), start logging packets and edit your igloo. Change music (it’s best if the ID has 3 digits). Stop logging, and look for packet starting like that: “%xt%s%g#uic%”. Right click it and select “Send”. After “%xt%s%g#uic%” you’ll see 2 longer numbers and 4 shorter ones. The next one is music ID. Change it to what you want (if you want to set it to a shorter ID, just put 0s in front of the ID). Send packet. Go somewhere else and back to your igloo. You should hear the music now.