JSON files updated!

Hi everyone! Our JSON files are now updated with all (of the known) JSONs. JSONPs (JavaScript Object Notation with Padding) are now added.

I hope this will help more developers ! :D SWFs’ update coming soon…

Here’s the link to go straight to it : https://cphax2.wordpress.com/cp-files/json-jsonp-js-files/



The Fair – Ticket Adder

I’ve made a new CuP add-in for The Fair. Ticket Adder allows you to generate up to 2000 tickets in few seconds. You can add tickets unlimited number of times.

The add-in is available to download at CuP Store (now built-in the trainer).
If you don’t have CuP yet, download it here.

Cloud Penguin

Hello everyone! Here’s a tutorial for a trainer called Cloud Penguin (made by MhX and Asynchronee). It has more possibilities than WPE PRO. It uses add-ins downloadable from the CuP store – everyone can create their own (I’ve created a few myself and I’m planning to do more).

CuP download – http://cloudpengu.in/blog/?page_id=14

If you have any issues with it, go to: http://forums.cloudpengu.in/

Card-Jitsu Snow Stamps Hack

I’ve found a way to add CJ Snow stamps without getting banned.

1.Go to Club Penguin
2.Open WPE PRO and target your browser:
-Google Chrome: chrome.exe (the first process)
-Opera: opera.exe (the last one)
-Mozilla Firefox: plugin.container.exe
3.Start logging packets, move your penguin somewhere and stop logging.
4.Right click a packet that popped up and select “Set Send List with this socket id”
5.Go to Card-Jitsu Snow start screen
6.Open CJ Snow.spt in WPE PRO and select stamps you want to add
7.Click play button and set the number of stamps you’ll add. Set timer to 100 ms. Don’t send packets yet
8.Disable Internet connection and send packets
9.Enable Internet connection
10.Reload Club Penguin. The stamps should be added to your account

CJ Snow.spt