Creating flt files

If you want to make a filter, first you’ll need to log packets you want to change.

Find the packet, right click it and select “Send”.

Look for the part of the packet you want to change and copy the corresponding hex code.

Double click a filter on the list.

Select “Advance” and “from the position of the chain found”.

Paste the code in “SEARCH” field.

It should look like that.

Go back to your packet and change it to what you want. Then copy the corresponding hex code.

Go again to the filter and paste the hex code in the “MODIFY” field starting from 000.

If you need, you can select which packets you want to change: sent or received.
I unchecked received packets so that my filter only changes my penguin.

You can do that for both Winsock 1.1 and Winsock 2.0 packets.

Then you can name your packet and click “Apply” button.

You can add more filters. When your list is finished, click the floppy disk icon.

Name your file and click save button.

Now you can open and use your file with WPE PRO.

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