Cloud Penguin

Cloud Penguin (CuP) is a Club Penguin trainer – it contains many tools and cheats, which you can use in the game. I have not created CuP – the credits go to MhX and Asynchronee.

I developed CuP add-ins. Here are the ones created by me:

  • Add Mascots
  • Anti-LogOff
  • AutoAction
  • Card Reveal
  • Copy Bot
  • CuP Chat
  • Emoticon Hack
  • Hide Names
  • Igloo Items Adder
  • Money Maker
  • MultiBot
  • Music Manager
  • Packet Tools
  • Player Info
  • Postcard Sender
  • Puffle Digger
  • Puffle Hat Adder
  • Server Jumping
  • Stadium Hack
  • Stamp Adder
  • Ticket Adder
  • Weather FX

CuP download
If you have any questions, click here.
If you need help with Cloud Penguin, visit the Official Forums.
For more info about CuP, go to the Official CuP Wiki.


17 thoughts on “Cloud Penguin

  1. Cloud penguin has launching bugs! I tried re intalling it but it still doesn’t work! Please tell the owners to fix it!

  2. Hi cp hax 2 I’m new to cp, I Might help you hack club penguin stamps !! I can give a membership of 7 days for that small favor cualquer thing or find me on facebook agreement as Edge Rock Cp Jr. thanks your help is very important

  3. I’m Rick Harrison, and this is my pawn shop. i work here with my old man and my son Big Hoss. if there’s one thing i’ve learned after 23 years you never know WHAT is gonna come through that door

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