How to still play DJ3K and other games

In this video you can see how you can still play DJ3K and other unavailable games.

This allows you to play the following games:

  • DJ3K
  • Puffle Soaker
  • Balloon Pop
  • Ring the Bell
  • Feed a Puffle
  • Memory Card Game
  • Puffle Paddle
  • Puffle Shuffle
  • Grab and Spin
  • Paint By Letters –  My Puffle
  • Paint By Letters –  Burnt out Bulbs
  • Paint By Letters –  Lime Green Dojo Clean



SWFs update!

The .SWF (Small Web Format / ShockWave Flash) files in “CP Files” section had been updated! I added a lot. I didn’t even bother to count them. :P The purpose of the files section is to encourage people to help develop the CuP Project, help programmers and let you spy into CP.

Currently, the game’s SWFs aren’t added yet. It is long and I, CoolFluby, have academic life and works. Maybe one day we will give all single swf without you having to add xxx.swf . This is most likely to happen in summer break and is a LOOONG work.

Here’s a direct link to the SWF page:

Thanks for reading!

The Fair – Ticket Adder

I’ve made a new CuP add-in for The Fair. Ticket Adder allows you to generate up to 2000 tickets in few seconds. You can add tickets unlimited number of times.

The add-in is available to download at CuP Store (now built-in the trainer).
If you don’t have CuP yet, download it here.

Cloud Penguin

Hello everyone! Here’s a tutorial for a trainer called Cloud Penguin (made by MhX and Asynchronee). It has more possibilities than WPE PRO. It uses add-ins downloadable from the CuP store – everyone can create their own (I’ve created a few myself and I’m planning to do more).

CuP download –

If you have any issues with it, go to: