SWFs update!

The .SWF (Small Web Format / ShockWave Flash) files in “CP Files” section had been updated! I added a lot. I didn’t even bother to count them. :P The purpose of the files section is to encourage people to help develop the CuP Project, help programmers and let you spy into CP.

Currently, the game’s SWFs aren’t added yet. It is long and I, CoolFluby, have academic life and works. Maybe one day we will give all single swf without you having to add xxx.swf . This is most likely to happen in summer break and is a LOOONG work.

Here’s a direct link to the SWF page: https://cphax2.wordpress.com/cp-files/swf-files/

Thanks for reading!


JSON files updated!

Hi everyone! Our JSON files are now updated with all (of the known) JSONs. JSONPs (JavaScript Object Notation with Padding) are now added.

I hope this will help more developers ! :D SWFs’ update coming soon…

Here’s the link to go straight to it : https://cphax2.wordpress.com/cp-files/json-jsonp-js-files/