Client-sided Membership Hack

This tutorial is an advanced one, so I’m posting a detailed explanation. Note that the same thing can be achieved easily by using a Cloud Penguin add-in, so if you are able to run it, I’d suggest doing that instead.

1.Target your browser (or plugin process).
2.Start logging packets, join another room and stop logging.
3.Find a received packet with your penguin name that starts with “%xt%ap%”.
4.Right-click it and select “Send”.
5.Find the part of the packet which contains information about your member status.
An example packet can look like this:
There should be 3 ‘|’ characters in a row at the end of the packet (there will be something more after that if you’re walking a puffle).
The number we’re interested in is the third one to the left from the “|||” part.
It’s 0 for non-members. We’re going to modify it to 1.
The part of the packet you want to select starts on the ‘|’ before that and ends on the “|||”, so in my example it’s “|0|42|0|||”.
6.Find the hex code of that part and copy it.
Each character is located on the same position as in the decoded text.
7.Close the “Send a Packet” window and double-click a filter on the list.
8.Change mode to “Advance” and select “from the position of the chain found”.
9.Paste the copied hex on the beginning of the “SEARCH” field and on the 000 position of the “MODIFY” field.
10.In the “MODIFY” field, change the first 30 (code of ‘0’ character) to 31 (code of ‘1’ character).
11.Change the “nbr time to apply” to 100. If you leave it as 1 it might not work in igloos.
12.Click the “Apply” button.
13.Tick the filter and press the enable (ON) button.
14.Join another room.
15.You should have client-sided membership now!


9 thoughts on “Client-sided Membership Hack

  1. Hello, firstly thanks for making a more detailled tutorial but unfortunaly it doesn’t works for me at the moment when i must take the hex code or something. Is that normal that i have more than 10 caracters?

    • Do you mean 10 characters in the decoded text? The number in the middle (42 in the example) is the number of days your penguin had been a member, so if it’s at least 100 on the account you’re using then yes, the amount of characters in that part of the packet could be more than 10.

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