Penguin Cup Mini-game Hack

Here’s a new video for Penguin Cup!

This trick allows you to hack goals in the shootout mini-game.

1.Open WPE PRO and target the right process for your browser.
2.Play the mini-game.
3.Start logging packets as soon as the mini-game finishes loading.
4.Score one goal and stop logging packets.
5.Find a Send packet starting with “%xt%s%soccerparty#spgameshot%”.
6.Right-click it and select “Send”.
7.In send options set “Continuously” and set the Timer between 1000 and 2000 ms
(or you can also set it to send the packet 19 times).
8.Click the send (play) button and wait.
You won’t see the goals added at first, but don’t try to score any.
Remember that you can’t get more than 20 goals, so don’t send more than 19 packets.
9.If you’ve set it to “Continuously”, you’ll need to stop sending packets if the Packet number has reached 19.
10.After the game ends, you should see that you’ve scored 20 goals.


4 thoughts on “Penguin Cup Mini-game Hack

  1. If you score more, it will adds to infinity, but it will only add 20 in stats. I think it is better, since if you do 19, sometimes you get less.

  2. Hello! :) Can we hack all the unlockable items? Can we hack Game Day items? If yes, then reply

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