Cloud Penguin

Hello everyone! Here’s a tutorial for a trainer called Cloud Penguin (made by MhX and Asynchronee). It has more possibilities than WPE PRO. It uses add-ins downloadable from the CuP store – everyone can create their own (I’ve created a few myself and I’m planning to do more).

CuP download –

If you have any issues with it, go to:


52 thoughts on “Cloud Penguin

  1. Want to make an add-in together, I have some basic knowledge on C# made the configuration hack which I don’t think works now, we can make an add-in with money maker, item adder, server jump etc. I’m good at designing applications, and I can code them, I know loops in C# and stuff

      • So you only have 1 add-in… and it will be more neat and there is no puffle hat adder, igloo music hack etc

  2. Can you tell me or make a video how to make add-ins file i mean that hack in cloud penguin plzzzzzzzzzzzz answer me :)

  3. Can you make a hack makes me herbert or sensei …….
    plz cause i don’t have microsoft visual basic 2010 plz make more hacks :)

    • Well… I don’t think so. But It’d be possible to to hack any item client-side. And BTW I’ve made an add-in that changes music in your igloo.

      • Well, your answer of your problem, doesn’t need, Use Bicao2009’s Item Editor and put everywhere you want its ID (client-sided) (You can test it with Herbert too)

  4. hello because ami always me is saying screen Starting Cup entered my penguin I made the steps of the download after I enter my penguin is always left saying the blue screen Starting Cup stays ahy loading and lasts much and nothing changes you help me please.

    • You are new to this blog ? If you are then welcome to our blog .
      The problem you are facing , can be solved on cup forums , because we don’t own it , so it is better to ask it on cup forums link :-
      Register in the forums and create a topic in support & bugs section .
      They will surely help you :D

  5. hello cphax2 you are my favorite cloud penguin developer.Me and my cousin use it i would like to help you with any java based plugins.

  6. The AutoAction add-in is not working properly as it does not show up the messages I make to loop. Is it maybe my connection or something else? At least some messages have come up in lowercase and that’s only at rare times. Strange thing is other players are able to use it well…

    • AutoAction uses an old send message function that often gets filtered. I’ll be trying to figure out how the new one works so I can use that instead.

      • I updated AutoAction to use the new function and now it should show anything that gets through the current chat filter.

  7. PLS HELP! when i went to the dev page, leads me to home page of Cloud Penguin. What is this?
    i need to make a add-in

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